HBAA Leadership Luncheon Provides Detailed Report on Priority Legislation

The HBAA Senior Officers, along with Executive Committee members and several local presidents, met in Montgomery on Wednesday to hear detailed reports on the progress of HBAA legislation, as well as special presentations by Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard and President Pro Tem of the Senate Del Marsh.

Speaker Hubbard and Pro Tem Marsh gave insider views of the workings of the 2015 legislative session and how the remaining days of session would look. According to both, major issues remain to be settled including Alabama’s General Fund Budget. Senator Marsh gave an overview of his proposal to expand and tax gaming as an alternative to the looming tax increases needed to fill the budget shortfall. Among other topics discussed, Speaker Hubbard committed to make the HBAA-backed HOA legislation (HB 241) his priority for this coming Tuesday’s House calendar.

In addition to the presentations by the Speaker and Pro Tem, HBAA staff gave a comprehensive report on the progress of the HBAA legislative agenda, including the more confidential aspects of the legislative process. This was an opportunity to provide the leadership with a ground level assessment of the 2015 session that is impossible to provide through the weekly Alert.
The HBAA would like to thank all those who attended the meeting as well as those who took the opportunity to visit with their legislative delegation at the State House.

Home Owners Association Legislation at Top of Tuesday’s Calendar

Good as his word, Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard picked HB 241 for Tuesday’s House calendar making it the very first bill that will be considered when the House returns next week. The HBAA, along with the Alabama Association of Realtors and the Alabama Bankers Association, will be making contact with each House member over the coming days to encourage their support for this important legislation.

Thanks to the efforts of Speaker Hubbard and Representative Mac McCutcheon, HOA legislation has an opportunity to move forward and provide the protections that have been called for over the past few years.

The HBAA encourages you to contact your House member and urge them to VOTE YES on HB 241. Click on the link below to find contact information for your House member.

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Plumbers Legislation Receives Favorable Report

Senate Bill 307 received a favorable report this week from the Senate Government Affairs Committee. As the sponsor, Senator Gerald Allen presented the bill before the committee, aided by the Executive Director of the Plumbing and Gas Fitters Board, David Wilcox. The HBAA is appreciative of both these individuals, as well as Senator Jimmy Holley, who worked diligently with the HBAA over the past year to remove the language requiring a bond by each plumber. Senator Holley’s efforts will help save every plumber in Alabama $150-200 annually.

Property Transfer Bill Passes Senate with HBAA Amendment

Senate Bill 76 by Senator Del Marsh passed the Senate on Thursday with an amendment to exempt boards that receive no general fund appropriation. Additionally, the Senate adopted an HBAA amendment that expressly removed construction related boards including the Home Builders Licensure Board, Alabama Housing Finance Authority, Alabama General Contractors Licensure Board, Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Board, and the Alabama Board of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors.

Governor Bentley agreed to exempt these boards after discussions with HBAA staff and a number of Senators, including Senators Gerald Allen, Paul Bussman, and Phil Williams. These Senators fought hard to ensure that the HBAA’s concerns were addressed. The HBAA would like to thank each of these Senators for their exemplary work in support of Alabama’s housing industry. The HBAA would also like to thank Governor Bentley and his staff for their efforts on the HBAA’s behalf.

The bill now moves to the House for consideration.

HBAA-Backed HVAC Legislation Receives Favorable Report in Senate Committee

House Bill 231 by Representative Jack Williams (R-Birmingham) received a favorable report this week from the Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development Committee. Senator Phil Williams, chairman of the committee, has worked hard to make sure the bill and its companion legislation, SB 290 by Senator Steve Livingston (R-Scottsboro) were positioned for consideration by the full Senate. The HBAA will be working closely with the Senate leadership to get the bill assigned to the calendar at the earliest opportunity.