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Build Alabama: The Partnership That Works - For contractors, subcontractors, vendors, supplies, etc.

In response to both requests and suggestions to create a new membership level within AAHA, we enthusiastically added a Build Alabama Partner member category. It is all about contractors, builders, concrete companies, plumbers, painters, landscape companies, etc. and all those who make affordable housing possible for thousands of Alabama families. This membership category is open to all those companies and individuals that work on Section 42 Apartments from site purchase and preparation to the Grand Opening.

Without the skilled professionals performing every detail required to construct and equip Section 42 apartments, Alabama would be lagging behind in providing affordable housing. Alabama is one of the leading states in the success story of Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) apartments since 1987 thanks to everyone involved. We can acknowledge and thank them through the Build Alabama AAHA Membership.

For only $200 annual dues, Build Alabama Partners receive the list with contact information, for all project awards in Alabama for both new construction and all properties where purchases are scheduled. Members will also get a free advertisement and Special Guest Invitations to each of these events.

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