New York and Northeast

Some Thoughts on Edsall’s Op-Ed in the NYT

By Tatiana Gutierrez Abendschein & Harry J. Kelly

Edsall’s failure to understand how affordable housing is developed distracts from the real and urgent need to remove obstacles to developing affordable housing in all neighborhoods across America.
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HUD Issues New Section 8 Renewal Guide

By Tatiana Gutierrez Abendschein

There are important updates on Rent Comparability Studies that could affect your property.
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HUD Issues the Long-Awaited Proposed Rule on 2530s

By Tatiana Gutierrez Abendschein

HUD has heard the industry’s concerns and appears to be simplifying the 2530 process significantly. HUD aims, in the proposed rule, to focus more on substance than form by crafting more general dictates that are intended to give program offices more discretion on what to review and how to review it.
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Rural Housing

Rural Housing Issues Mortgage Restructuring Notice

By Richard Michael Price

The USDA-Rural Housing Service, also referred to as Rural Development, issued a Federal Register notice re-opening its Multifamily Preservation and Revitalization Program (MPR).
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